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Welcome to Los Angeles Spanish School!

Hola! This is Professor Roberto Palacios, founder and owner of Los Angeles Spanish School.
I am a native Spanish speaker from Mexico.

I am a Spanish Professor in Southern California.
I have been teaching Spanish at the university level for more than 20 years.

I have a Master's degree and did all my Ph.D. course work in Spanish Language at the prestigious University of California in Irvine (UCI).

I created The Smart Online Spanish Course that will teach you Spanish. It includes 24 chapters with more than 100 Smart Spanish Mini-Lessons.

Now, I am offering you for Free four chapters of the Smart Online Spanish Course.

It includes 16 Smart Spanish Mini-Lessons.

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Or you can get 50% discount and get all the 24 chapters with more than 100 Smart Spanish Mini-Lessons included in The Complete Smart Online Spanish Course for half price.

Regular price is $134.00. Now and for a limited time, you can get it for $67.00!

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Why I called it Smart?

For several reasons. You, the student will learn the Smart Way, because you will get:

* Clear explanation of difficult concepts.

* Lots of examples that will make understanding easier.

* Audio for all the words, phrases and sentences. This will allow to speak Spanish correctly.

* Mini Spanish Lessons. I break down intermediate, big and huge Spanish Lessons into small, more manageable Spanish Lessons.

* In the Mini Spanish Lessons, one item at a time. This item may be one word, one phrase or one or two sentences. By showing you one item at a time, your mind will be able to focus better and make your learning more effective.

* High-Frequency, Practical, Everyday Vocabulary that will allow you to focus your study and learn to speak Spanish in as little time as possible.

* Color-coded items, so you can focus in the most important concepts, words and phrases.

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