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I thought learning Spanish was going to be difficult but Professor Palacios made it a fun and worthwhile experience. Learning Spanish for my work, Professor Palacios tailored my private lessons to cover things that I could use immediately and were what I needed to succeed with my communication needs in my job. I learned things at each lesson that I could use immediately - a big plus. I highly recommend Professor Palacios, whether learning Spanish for fun, travel or work - he will get your skills where they need to be.


I had been using all the resources I could find including "Rosetta Stone" and what I could find on the internet. I wanted to progress more quickly so I searched for a tutor and found Professor Palacios. I have been taking weekly lessons for over a year now and have made tremendous progress. I highly recommend Roberto to anybody serious about learning to communicate in Spanish.


I was very nervous at first because I thought the lessons would go too quickly and over my head but Roberto is a wonderful professor! He takes time to answer your questions and constantly makes sure you re understanding everything. He is very encouraging and humorous. He always puts lessons online and gives you little tips here and there to make your learning experience even better. The pricing is best! The quality of teaching is impeccable, and I have to admit for a beginner, I m told I m pretty good...but that is all thanks to him! :)

Y Chang

I enjoy Roberto's classes. He makes the contents interesting.

B. Kim

Professor Roberto is an excellent Spanish tutor for me. He is steady. patient and thorough. Lessons have been progressive and I feel comfortable studying with him. I am new to Spanish language and he has been very encouraging and supportive.

Jason Cottrell

If you are looking for a great Spanish tutor Mr. Palacios is the best one I have had. Professor Roberto is great because he speaks in Spanish a lot of the time so not only do you learn to speak spanish but you also learn to listen to it. He also keeps the class fun ad enjoyable and you learn a lot about Mexican culture as well. Muchas gracias profesor Roberto!!!


Profesor Roberto teaching style made the class very exciting. He has a lot of energy and is very funny! He is very approachable to asking questions. I had the advantage of being a Spanish Speaker and decided to take this class to practice as I don't really get to use my Spanish in day to day interactions. I'm glad I had Profesor Roberto for my class!

Amanda Webster

Professor Roberto has a very fun and effective learning style. He knows all of his students' names by the second week and interacts well with all of us. I really enjoyed taking his course and definitely learned alot about the foreign language! I recommend his teachings to anyone trying to learn spanish!

Mike Kelley

Professor Roberto is fantastic. He brings humor to the class and makes learning much easier and fun. I recommend his class for any one wanting to learn spanish. I learned a great deal and am very happy with my ability to understand and communicate in spanish now. His class is a very fun and no pressure attitude. He makes you feel at ease is very encouraging.

Samantha L.

Roberto is an amazing teacher. He helps for you to understand the material and he has a new apin on how to make it easier for students to learn material. Did i mention he is so funny?! Well he is and he is full of jokes. You will be smiling while learning spanish....Don't just take my word for it. Try him out!

Adrian S.

Professor Roberto is an excellent Spanish instructor. He makes his lessons understandable and interesting.

My Do

Professor Roberto is my first Spanish teacher. His lessons are very lively and interesting. It is easier for me to start studying a new language :)

My Na

Roberto's lessons are helpful and easy to remember. I have learned a lot about the Spanish language and culture.

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